We are a Instagram auto liker with lots of features.


All of our features are developed in an unique way to be effective for your Instagram profile. Our focus is that you target the people who could have interest in your product/service/profile by knowing their interest.

Liking by Tag

This is the most basic feature. You like pictures with your Instagram profile on a specific tag or multiple tags. You target a large group of people that have used a specific tag in their pictures. You need to think about what kind of people you want to attract and what these people use in their pictures.

Liking by Instagram Account

This feature is an amazing feature where you can target a specific group of people who have already shown that they have interest in specific profiles. What this feature does is that it likes pictures from followers of a specific Instagram account that you enter.

Liking by location

With this feature we want to target local Instagram users. This feature likes pictures in a specific location that you enter. All the pictures that are geo-tagged within that location will be liked. You will target local people who will see your Instagram profile.

Liking the newsfeed

To stay in touch with people that you are following it’s important that you show that you are there. We automated this process so you don’t need to check every time whether you’ve liked every picture in the news feed of your Instagram profile. This feature is great for showing loyalty to the people that you are following.


To help you manage your accounts and have an easy overview we have developed a backend manager that can be viewed on any device and used at anytime. Our management features are:

Web-based Service

Likestagram is cloud/web-based. Your liking process continues even once you close your browser. You are able to change it anytime and you don’t have to leave your device on to use this service.

Multiple Accounts

You can add unlimited Instagram accounts to your liking process. Every account has its own preferences so you can easily adjust each account’s strategy. With the simple manager you have great overview of your accounts.

Time Management (coming soon)

If you want to like during specific times, we have an option that allows you to set a start and stop time for your Instagram account.

Different Languages

We support different characters so you can use tags in your preferred language. You can target different people with these tags. We support Latin, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese.


To make Likestagram safer to use we have taken the following measurements:

Comprehensive Algorithms

We have developed algorithms that replicate human behavior. When the liking process starts it generates likes at random times making it appear that an actual person is liking pictures. This improves the safety of your Instagram account.

SSL Certificates

The entire website is secured with SSL certificates. The SSL certificates protect your sensitive information while it is being sent through the World Wide Web. This will prevent your information from being stolen when it’s on the way to the supposed receiving source. Your information is important to you and we want to ensure that it is safe.

Worldwide Servers

We have servers all over the world that will be used to provide the service to you. We update the servers every day so you always have an online server.

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